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Maine nurse practitioner Association

Student NPs

MNPA has always been a strong supporter of nurse practitioner students across the state of Maine as they strive to support student integration into professional practice. This support has recently been extended by adopting the new role of Student Representative for the MNPA Board. The Student Representative role has helped bridge the gap between the educational and professional realms via networking and collaboration with our professional leaders.

The challenges faced by students in recent years have not gone unnoticed, and MNPA is here to help. As we all embrace the safety of social distancing, use of electronic platforms have allowed us to reach students far and wide across the state of Maine. Hosting of regular Zoom meetings have provided a safe space for students to network, share stories, offer survival tips and tricks for NP school, and support one another from the comfort of our own homes. Furthermore, the recurring challenge of securing preceptors has been compounded by the effects of COVID-19 and MNPA has offered support through numerous modalities to help students secure preceptors and complete their education.

Nurse practitioner students across Maine share many common challenges, such as adjusting to the academic rigor of graduate studies, securing preceptors, maintaining work-life-school balance, studying for board certification, and learning the necessary steps for post-graduation requirements.  The MNPA Student Representative's goal is to foster collaboration between students and our professional leaders, so we can all learn from one another. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you wish to share with your MNPA Student representative, please reach out via our contact page. It is our pleasure to serve as a voice and advocate for the NP students of Maine.

MNPA is proud to annually offer student scholarships toward education and attendance to our conferences. 

Preceptor Matching

MNPA is pleased to continue providing the courtesy of posting requests for preceptors.
Please note that a submitted request must follow this format:

  *   a complete letter with your name and academic program
  *   desired location and manageable travel distance
  *   type of rotation requested
  *   required number of hours and weeks

Please keep in mind that, due to the volume of requests MNPA receives, if your request doesn't include this basic information at a minimum, we will be unable to respond or post the request.

MNPA is empathetic that finding a preceptor is challenging and is glad to be able to help connect NPs and NP students, however cannot guarantee preceptor placement.  Students should continue to work with their schools to help ensure their placement needs are met.  MNPA is able to accommodate 1 request per semester per student with a total of 6 total requests per student.

Please submit your request here

Our Mission

  • Unite and advocate for Nurse Practitioners in political, professional and policy arenas

  • Develop and coordinate educational and networking opportunities

  • Advocate for the health of all the people of Maine

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